Bone City- I created this for my Environment Design class final project at CDA. We had to make a futuristic city that was built around large bones with a Judge Dredd type character on a hover bike.

Indiana Jones- Temple Exterior.

I created a new setting for the Indiana Jones IP for a project at Concept Design Academy.

Background: The year is 1940 and the Nazis and the Japanese are forming their alliance, and as a token of good faith the Japanese have offered a gift, an ancient sword believed to hold mystical powers. The exchange is taking place at an ancient temple that guards the sword on the fictional island of Nakago, located 500 miles of the coast of Japan. Indy has learned about this meeting and plans to intercept the sword before it falls into sinister hands.

Indiana Jones- Temple Interior

Indiana Jones- Sword Shrine

Post-Apocalyptic Sex Club

Castle Falls



Cold War Mood Painting